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  •   2019/03/05

    5 Healthy habits for a healthier skin

    Answer by :

    Always Remove Makeup before sleep 

    We do feel the need of applying makeup when going for a party or date to look beautiful. But, what’s beauty to you? Definitely not a bunch of makeup chemicals that you put on your face, since you’re here! It is more important to remove the makeup before you hit the bed. Your skin, the pores breathe making it healthier. Makeup obstructs the process and results in blemishes, blackheads. Apply some olive oil or cleansing milk on a cotton and clean your face.  

    Drink lots of water 

    One should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day if not more. Water does wonder to our body in more ways than we know. It also helps in digesting the food you consume which directly affects your skin.  Eat fruits that have high water contents like Cucumber, watermelon, grapes, strawberry etc.  

    Eat Healthy  

    You should try to eat meals that are low on sugar, fat and high on Vitamin, Protein and minerals. Low sugar diet help maintain healthy balance in your body. Eating spicy, fermented foods should be avoided. Add salads and fruits on your diet chart.      

    Sleep in Time  

    Our body needs rest and so does our skin and sleep give us the required rest. If you don’t get an 8 hour of beauty sleep then your skin looks tired just like you and dark circles may appear.   

    Exercise or Yoga  

    Do exercise, jog or Yoga on a regular basis. It makes you active as the blood circulation process takes place well. The more you sweat the more your skin looks radiant and glows. It actually accelerates the cleansing process making it look brighter.