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  •   2019/03/26

    Does swimming help you be more agile?

    Answer by :

    Any sports, dance or physical activity makes one more physically active and agile. It not only helps build a healthy body but also helps rejuvenating. Swimming is one such water sport that helps strengthen muscles, helps gains flexibility. It emerges as a great overall body workout that you can do every day or on regular basis. However, a few techniques under water can tone your belly or help losing belly fat.  

    Important things that you have been doing wrong:  

    • Wrong swimming forms 
    • Swimming for long hours without getting any rest 
    • Always going for the same stroke as it brings imbalance in front and back muscles.  

    Young kids (Age range: 5 to 9) are allowed to swim thrice a week and not more for about 60 minutes.  

    Older kids (Age range: 10 to 16) are allowed to swim 6 times a week and not more for about 120 minutes.  

    Swimming does help in losing weight, tone your body, strengthen muscles but if not done properly can lead to soreness and pain. If the soreness persists for 2 to 3 days, it is a normal thing. However, if it is continued even after this then medical consultation is recommended. No doubt swimming does wonders to your body but excessive of anything is bad and one should look out for it.