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  •   2019/04/12

    How to get healthy nails?

    Answer by :

    We tend to pay more attention to our face, skin, hair, and body and forget about nails. They too need the attention and care to keep them healthy. Some little steps can save you from the expense of hitting a parlor for manicure. Beautiful and healthy nails crowning your finger looks stunning.

    Abnormal Nail symptoms:

    ·         Changed nail color, dark streaks under nail.

    ·         Curled nails.

    ·         Separation from skin.

    ·         Bleeding around nails.

    ·         Abnormal growth of nails etc.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    ·         Wash your hands nicely with soap and warm water. This will remove dirt under your nails and prevent building up of bacteria.

    ·         It is important to clean under your nails ensuring you don’t end up transferring more dirt and bacteria.

    ·         Dry your hands with a soft towel.

    ·         Trim the nails now that they are soft.

    ·         File your nail, make sure to push it in a single direction.

    ·         Apply some hand cream or lotion in your hands.

    ·         Apply some cuticle oil on nails. If not available, replace with olive oil, baby oil, Vaseline, or coconut oil. This strengthens your nails.

    ·         Use some good brand of nail moisturizer to keep them moisturized.

    ·         Except trimming part, do the regime daily to keep them healthy.


    ·         Do not bite your fingernail.

    ·         Do not pull off hangnails rather carefully clip them.

    ·         Do not use harsh nail products that can affect your nail.

    ·         Use nail polish removers rarely and try using acetone free ones.

    ·         Do not ignore problems and consult a dermatologist.