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  •   2019/03/19

    How to plate boring food interestingly?

    Answer by :

    It’s not necessary that your healthy bowl of soup or salad will have to look boring. You can definitely bring a vibrant look to your plate with these creative ideas. No matter if you are preparing a lunch box for your kid or need interesting ideas to surprise your better half, these tips will come handy.  

    Use Spices, Herbs, Sauce or other – Any boring plate can be turned into an interesting one by adding your favorite choice of herbs, spices, toppings or sauces. Chocolate spread, cheese spread comes handy in situations like this.  

    Put vibrant colors on plate – No, I am not asking you to put colors, literally. What I meant is put colorful vegetables complementing to the food. Like adding carrots, cucumber, tomato, olives in a salad. Garnish with coriander leaves. Colorful vegetables and fruits can help make a boring plate beautiful.  

    Paint your plate – Present food in shapes. Use cookie cutter to make them in different shapes. This works really well in case of picky children.  

    Present differently – Presentation matters a lot and a good presentation also makes a boring food interesting to certain extent.  

    Name your dish unique way – Your unique plating deserves a unique name. Make it interesting and delicious.