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  •   2019/03/30

    Is traveling a hobby or lifestyle?

    Answer by :

    Why do we travel? There’s no hard and fast rule so as to why one likes to travel. Different people have different perception, experiences and thoughts over this. Some like the idea of not settling in, some travel to take a break from their busy lives, some actually loves to experience varied places, culture and climate while others may travel for a good Instagram story. There are no right or wrong answers, just different people and their ideas.  

    When some people travel in leisure there are some who make money out of it and transform their passion into career. People are paid for travelling and sharing their experiences be it through blogs, travel books, journals, videos etc. The scenario has changed from then, when there were lesser people who wanted to travel to other countries, continents for the matter of fact. They preferred staying home, planning a short-day trip to the neighboring picnic spot.  

    Now is the time when people go gaga over travelling to distance places. The miles you travel now decide your lifestyle and status symbol. People have widely adopted the concept of destination weddings, vacationing in places not for the sake of traveling but for showing how exciting their life really is. Travelling as a hobby is losing its prospect and more people have accepted this as a part of their lifestyle. Numbers are huge when I address people who left their 9 to 5 job just to travel fulltime.  

    Before you do any of these, ask a few questions to yourself:

    • Do you have the financial savings?  
    • Is your traveling sponsored? 
    • Do you like to travel or just want to escape from your present situation? 
    • Are you running because you are afraid of settling down? 

    Analyze your situation and what you really want from life. If this seems the best idea then pack your bags and don’t look back.  

    Hobby or lifestyle, important is it should bring you joy. As long as you are enjoying what you are doing, things don’t matter. Maybe you really need a click at Eiffel tower with your other half for your Instagram story but you did love the moment, made memories; beautiful memories that you will relish rest of your lives and that’s the magic travel does to us.