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  •   2019/04/11

    What are some scariest Horror movies of Bollywood?

    Answer by :

    Over the years, Bollywood has attempted to make horror movies and claimed that it will scare the hell out of you and failed miserably. Looking down the list we have plenty of movies that turned out funny to be called in the horror list. But, there are some movies that really up their scale with all the hard work and creativity of team to scare audience.

    Let’s look at the scariest Bollywood movies ever made and see how many you have missed.

    Raat (1992)

    Starring Divya Bharti, this classic cult of Ram Gopal Verma is a story of a possessed women with a kitten’s spirit. The supernatural thriller sent chills amongst audience. A must watch movie that doesn’t go over the top with visuals but holds the plot with its strong script and acting.

    Raaz (2002)

    One of the scariest movies Bollywood ever made is Raaz. The mystery, the acting, the music, the forests, the mountains and the visuals; each part combining intrigued audience and made to every list of horror movies.

    Darna mana hai (2003)

    Cascading 6 scary short stories in a script and making it a movie is not every one’s cup of tea. The script is innovative and the movie is not any cliché horror movie.

    13B (2009)

    No absurd ghosts, spooky background, tilted camera angles but the movie is worth watching because of the strong plot, tremendous acting skills of Madhvan and team. One simply can’t make a list of horror movies without including this.

    Shaapit (2010)

    Based on curses and evil spirits, Shaapit is another classic horror movie presented by Bollywood. The Vikram Bhatt film looked promising and scared audience.

    Haunted (2011)

    The story may seem unrealistic as the actor is taken back to year 1936 to rewrite history but the plotting of pain and agony trapped for years, visual effects and tremendous acting did scare the hell out of audience.

    Ragini MMS (2011)

    The movie is partly based on a real life event and was inspired by American supernatural horror ‘Paranormal Activity’. The movie intrigued and scared audience with its edge of the seat thrills.

    Ek thi Daayan (2013)

    This definitely was a brave attempt by directors working in this niche. A unique storyline that portrays Daayan amongst normal beings may seem unrealistic but intrigued many and the splendid performance of the cast is commendable. You cannot miss the name in a horror list.

    Pari (2018)

    A supernatural thriller casting Anushka Sharma as an abuse Victim. However, things take a surprisingly different turn in the climax. The constant chills and thrills, atmospheric sets and intelligently directed movie kept audience at the edge of seat.