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  •   2019/03/15

    What are the Indian drinks that you can have in summer?

    Answer by :

    1. 1. Shikanji  

      It’s one of the famous and refreshing drink prepared in India during summer season. Squeeze some lemon in a glass of water, put sugar/ salt, mint (Optional) and ice. This helps you fight the heat in summer.  

      2. Lassi 

      Lassi is essence of Punjab and so is of India. You cannot miss the drink when in India. It is made of curd and can be prepared in number of ways, but all equally delicious.  

      3. Aam panna 

      You cannot survive summer without relishing the taste of Aam panna. Good thing is you can prepare it sweet or tangy way. You can either roast the raw mangoes or boil it. Either way you are going to enjoy the deliciousness of mango. 

      4. Buttermilk 

      It is a famous summer drink made of yogurt. It is famous in north India and even in south India by name ‘Neer Mor drink’.  

      5. Sattu sherbet 

      Sattu ka sherbet is mostly prepared in eastern India. You will find stalls in Bihar, Jharkhand selling Sattu sharbat in summer. It’s delicious, heavy and keeps your body cool.