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  •   2019/03/13

    What are Top 5 go to meal that takes less than 5 minutes?

    Answer by :

    Not every time you can prepare a full-fledged meal or have the time to do it. You can’t have takeout every time, neither they are healthy nor pocket friendly. At times, when you are in hurry and need a quick meal that can be prepared instantly, look through this list.  

    Instant Noodles 

    Instant noodles are perfect go-to meal for your busy schedule. All you need to do is boil water in a pan and put a packet of noodles in it. Wait for 2-3 minutes and you are ready to grab a hot bowl of noodles. 

    Egg Tacos 

    Egg tacos are best 5-minute meals you can prepare when in haste. Just beat the egg nicely, sprinkle herbs, salt, pepper and vegetables of your choice.  

    Sprout salad 

    Soak the sprouts overnight in water so that you can prepare a sprout salad really quick. Season it with salt, pepper, cucumber, chili etc. the way you like.  


    Oat meals are healthy and fills your stomach for quite a time. Preparation is easy and takes less time than 5 minutes.  

    Scrambled eggs with spinach and parmesan 

    Eggs are good for your health and is even healthier when consumed in breakfast. Break an egg, put some spi8nach and scramble it on a pan heated with butter.  

    Fruit salad 

    Fruits are essential for your health and is great as it is rich in nutrients. Dice fruits like Banana, apple, watermelon, Papaya and others and sprinkle some salt. This not only is good for hunger but also a healthy alternative.