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  •   2019/03/05

    What is the right time for Exercise?

    Answer by :

    All our lives we have been living with the thought that morning is the best time for exercise, but is it? 

    You will get plenty of content in web discussing and arguing about the right time for doing exercise. Which to believe and which not? Is there even a best time in a day when body releases more fat during exercise? 

    The answer is No. No evidences are found to be true that states of a particular time which is best for exercise. But again, the time you exercise may affect your mood fluctuations and how you feel. For example, mostly people feel fresh in mornings after a good night sleep and since the mind is well rested you find the zeal to exercise very tempting. While others who are not morning person or with work limitations prefer a walk after dinner or exercise in the evening. 

    You may go for exercise at say 5’o clock in the evening and continue with it. The body starts responding accordingly and it is likely that you feel more comfortable during that period doing exercise.  

    So, there’s no hard and fast rule of exercising in morning, evening or night; few things you should do before starting an exercise regime 

    • Find the best possible time as per your comfort. Some say it takes a lot more effort to work out in morning than evening, while others prefer the morning sun kissed workout session. As per your work schedule, availability and comfort find out the best time you can exercise. 
    • Do not keep changing workout time as your body responds differently and it becomes more comfortable with the same routine. 
    • Do not go for workout after a meal.  
    • Make it a daily habit as you eat, sleep, work and a day will come when you don’t have to think of it as a task that needs to be done rather it will come naturally.