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  •   2019/03/25

    Which sunscreen is good enough for my skin?

    Answer by :

    Wearing sunscreen is very common amongst people as we want to protect our skin from the immense heat and UV rays coming from Sun. There are many sunscreens available on market of different SPFs and one may get confused as which one to choose or to select the one that is best for your skin. First of all, know that there is no such sunscreen that is good enough for your screen if you don’t focus on its usage and finding the perfect type.

    There is possibly two kinds of UV rays, UVA and UVB. UVA is responsible for tanning, skin aging and wrinkles while UVB rays are responsible for skin diseases like skin cancer etc.

    The SPF number in your sunscreen defines how much longer it is going to take to burn your skin with applied sunscreen vs without sunscreen. So, it is obvious that sunscreens with a higher SPF value are more protective. Sunscreens with SPF 30 can prevent 97% UV rays while SPF 50 is capable of preventing 98% UV rays.

    Things you need to consider before blaming it on your sunscreen

    • Make sure you are using the sunscreens according to the user manual that came along with it.
    • Re apply sunscreens after a regular period of time as prescribed by your dermatologist or as instructed as one application can’t run for whole day.
    • Apply on enough quantity so that it serves the purpose.
    • Applying sunscreen after every 2 hours, especially after swimming, working out or sweating is recommended.

    Choose as per your skin type.

    For acne prone skin

    • Do not use sunscreens that have fragrances, preservatives, alcohol etc.

    For Dry skin

    • Use Moisturizing sunscreens that contains lanolin, oils, silicon etc. Any Cream, lotion or ointment sort of Sunscreen will do well for dry skin.

    For Melasma, Skin cancer history and fair skin people

    • SPF 30+ is recommended for such people and skin types.

    For dark skin

    • Avoid using titanium based sunscreens. People with darker skins who tans easily but burns rarely need to apply sunscreen of SPF 15+ and needs to re-apply every 2 hour.